More About Osmanabadi Goats

* These goats are widely distributed in osmanabad,latur and nearby small town places.
* Osmanabadi goats are known due to their reproductive capacity and yeilding milk.Each osmanabadi goats gives birth twice a year.Gestation period is of 5 months.
* Twining is common. Triplest and quadruplets may also occurs. Milking ability 1-2 liters per day. Milking period is of 3 months after each pregnancy.
* Mortality rate of osmanabadi kids is negligible(1% ) in any climatic condition as compare to other goats of india.But pregnant goats should be vaccinated properly.Your local veterinary doctor will suggest you the vaccines to be vaccinated regularly,and vaccines are easily available from any government veterinary hospitals at cheaper rates.
* Also there is an insurance facility available from Govt. Of India to insure your goat . A goat of 10,000 rs is insured for 150rs,by united India insurance or any other company.
* Kids should provide goat milk for at least 1 months.For first 7 days goat milk is essential as it contains high amount of colostrum. Which is essential for growth and proper development of body and also to survive against diseases.
* Osmanabadi goats can accommodate easily in any part of india.They are disease resistant's then any other goats of india.This is the main reason that there demand is very high in all parts of the country.
* Osmanabadi goats eats any farm fodder.They doesn't requires any special can supply them vegetables,grains,grass etc from local market. Hence their feeding cost is also very low.
* Each osmanabadi goat eats 2-3 kg of green fodder and half kg of dry fodder every day.Dry fodder includes cutting of wheat grass,wheat remaining's,pulp of pulses,grains,maze,lentils- which are mostly burned by farmers or thrown away as waste parts of grains.So even dry fodder can easily available at any place.
* Dry fodder is essential for lactating goats for greater milk performance.And also for the kids for faster body growth in lesser time.
* Kids of above 2 months eats 1kg of green fodder and 100-200gm of dry fodder. Kids of above 6 months eats 2-3 kg of green fodder and half kg of dry fodder.
* Lactating Goats and kids are also feeded with the fodder containing high ratio of selenium,zinc,iron,iodine n vitamin E twice a weak.It is easily available in any veterinary medical shop in the form of bricks. Remember sheep fodder is different from goat fodder.Dont buy the fodder on which it is written for goats & sheep's.
* water intake of goats is very less as they are desert animals.Each goat drinks less than 500ml of water in a day.
* At the end a osmanabadi buck (male goat)of 6 months weights 20-25 kg.And of 10months 32-37kg. And does(female goat) of 8 months 20-25kg.And of 1year its above 40kg.
* Meat of osmanabadi goat is a rich source of protein and is low in fats n cholesterol.It provides a great taste than any other goat meat.So demand of bucks is very high in any part of country.
* The leather obtained from skin of osamabadi goat is of good quality.It has a high demand too.This leather is of high quality used for furniture's and footwear's in large scale.

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