Terms and Conditions:

1. 70% of the goat's purchasing amount to be deposited in advance. Payment mode is via Cash/Cheque/DD/Net Banking.
2. Amount excludes the transportation charges. We will provide you the transportation, but all the charges have to be paid by yourself. You can even carry your own transportation.
3. Goats will be provided in 7 working days from the date of deposition of 70% of the amount.
4. Remaining 30% of the amount should be deposited on the day of delivery of goats at our farm. After that only goats are placed in the transporting vehicle.
5. On cancellation of order 50% of the amount will be deducted of total cost. And the remaining amount will be returned in 15 working days. It means you will get back 20% of your amount, coz you have deposited 70% amount of total cost at the time of placing the order.
6. In case of case of change in order or any fluctuation in purchasing of goats from your side, the ordered will be considered as canceled. And the remaining money will be return to you.
7. After placing the order you must have to buy all goats that are ordered. You can't change your order, except addition of goats. You can buy surplus goats after placing order but can't reduce it.*For example: If you ordered 10 goats you have to pay in advance of 7 goats (70%).After some days of placing an order you can't say that you will buy only 7 goats by saying that you want goats of your 70% of the amount only that you have deposited, and you will be unable to deposit remaining 30% of the amount of 3 goats. At that time, the order to be considered as cancelled and the remaining money of 2 goats (20%) will be return to you. you can't buy goats of your 70% of the amount only that deposited at the time of placing of order. Furthermore, you can't buy only 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9 goats after placing an order of 10 goats. You have to buy all 10 goats otherwise that ordered too will be considered as cancelled. Only you can increase your order can't decrease it. Only you can increase your order can't decrease it.
*This is just an example for more explanation.
8. All are fixed rates. There will be no fluctuations in the rates once the ordered is placed. All are ex-farm rates.
9. So take your time and place your order only after making final decision of your conclusion.
10. You will get the payment receipt and the agreement letter of your order inclusive of VAT.
11. As soon as soon as your order is ready (after 7days) you will be informed. And will have to take the order and deposit the remaining 30% amount within 3 days. Failing to this, the order will be considered as cancelled.
12. Goats once sold cannot be replaced by other goats, when they are taken to your farm.
13. By placing the order you hereby agree to accept all our terms and conditions.

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